What will a workplace post-covid look like?

“What will a post-Covid workplace look like?” This is such a big question that no one can give a certain answer. It has to be based on case to case, country to country, and enterprise to enterprise. Yet, there are still have some ideas that are really helpful and protective of employees from the current and future pathogens.

Prioritize physical distancing in workplace

After the pandemic,6 Feet Office concept is an ideal concept for any offices to be innovated. This  may lead people to hit the rewind button with the cubicle workstation trend, which can create a proper social distance boundaries. If you worry that the cubicles can make employees feel cramped, there are many ideas for the cubicle workstation that can help the employees feel much safer and more comfortable when they return to the office. Or, using chairs staggered around large tables is a good choice to ensure the proper six-foot (equal to 2m) distance in open offices.

Innovate high quality furniture, appliances

Employers must have a heightened focus on furniture, and appliances which can become reservoir of infection without noticing. Lightweight, easily movable, and reconfigured furniture will help keep employees safe and change properly floor plans when needed. Or, employers can choose microfiber couches and chairs. The material withstands heavy use, is great for cleaning up spills, and easy to maintain. Also, appliances in pantry can be another reservoir. So, refrigerator and dishwasher drawers will able to be installed and designated each for different departments.

Control acoustics in workplace

People will feel better and are able to stay longer in spaces where has an appropriate level of acoustics. Therefore, as employees’ health is paid more and more attention, the acoustic products are more necessary. Experts will use acoustic panel to absorb the sound and reverberation in the office. Nowadays, there are many ranges of this panel which is easy to install and suitable for any projects. Additionally, carpets or rugs are other useful features to decrease level of noise.

Divide privacy for the space

In the future, people may also want to avoid crowded places. Hence, there will be some areas in the workplace to be divided into visitors’ area and employees’ area. Visitors’ area can be for welcoming visitors, resting, and waiting. Workers’ area will be for working and privacy.

Built smaller conference rooms

Post Covid-19, smaller conference rooms can be considered. It can be two or three employees having online meeting with others who are working remotely. In the other hand, arrange the meeting rooms in different areas to avoid big crows is another possibility.

If you have any office ideas for post Covid, we are really happy to be shared. Or, please contact us when you need the best office solutions.

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