Scope of Work: Design

Client: Vingroup

Location: Hung Yen

Completion Date: 2022

Piquantum designed the Vinmec Empire Resort Hospital project, which is located in the Vinhomes Dream City Hung Yen area, in a modern style with elegant lines, beautiful materials, and harmonious colors, ensuring construction quality following standards and professional regulations.

The hospital has five floors including waiting rooms, clinics, boarding rooms, nursing counters, and boarding villas. The criteria in the design of this project are: taking the patient as the center for all activities of the hospital; designing space for patients to sit and wait for examinations to feel comfortable and polite; inpatient treatment space is safe and comfortable. In addition, the workplace for medical professionals is also logically and scientifically designed to best support professional activities.

Another highlight of the project is the combination of 5-star high-class hospital standards and a resort space equivalent to a resort to make patients feel at home with full amenities and luxurious furniture. It’s essential to help patients speed up the treatment and recovery process.

The values we bring to Vinmec Empire Resort Hospital are in terms of design and construction, treatment quality, and lifestyle.

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