“Life is short. Work somewhere awesome”


In the past, salary and employee welfare were the only things attracted the best employees. However, nowadays, great workplace design is also gaining importance. Do you want a space that can inspire you? Do you want to work in a mentally and physically comfortable zone? If your answers are yes, you may want to consider four design ideas for offices below.

1. Nature-inspired design

Biophilic designs connect human and nature. Being in nature enhances concentration, work performance, and contributes to better health. Natural light enters through carefully placed glass windows, doors and walls; abundance of plants and materials found in nature like wood and stone are essential components of this design.

2. Ergonomics

Sitting for long periods is not good for employees’ health. Hence, modern offices are equipped with adjustable desks, sit/stand risers and ergonomic chairs. Investing in good ergonomic furniture allows employees to switch between sitting and standing while working; thus, staying active during working hours.

3. Industrial design

This design has become a popular trend since the late 2000s. Industrial office design is based on rugged simplicity, and a focus on open space. It may a good option for startups because of its affordable expenses, as well as attracting young employees looking for a creative space.

4. No place like Home


“Home away from home” is the key concept of this design. To give the feeling of being home, comfortable sofas, coffee tables and bars with gentle, warn tones, and lighting are added. These inspire employees to express themselves with more ease, like they would at home.

There are many other interior office designs for that you can find on the Internet, and it is up to you to choose the one that suits your organization. Or, talk to a professional – we can help you define your workplace needs and propose the design that you have always wanted!

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