Find for yourself a favourite style of an office pantry room

Pantry room, also known as a break room, is a space for eating, relaxing, and even having fun for staff after hard working time. Today, there are more and more employers who want to have a well-designed pantry room.

Modern design
To construct a modern and clutter-free pantry, place a kitchen island in the pantry room may be a good option which will help the pantry look larger, modern and delicate. Moreover, this design will create a bright and airy space for eating and relaxing activities.

Minimalism design
If the main aesthetic value of the company is simplicity and elegance, the pantry room can be designed in minimalist style. In this design, the pantry can be installed with a unit and a small sink attached to it to create a convenient storage space. It is possible to choose a wood tone unit to give a retro feeling to the space.

Stairway design
The stairway design gives a truly elegant and unique touch. With this design, people can place sturdy or floating shelves with the shape of stairway in the office pantry. Also, this design provides more space to storage items like spices.

A break room design
A pantry is also known as a break room because it is not only where to eat, but also where to have fun. Nowadays, big corporations with dynamic creative environment such as Facebook, Google or Apple have invested a lot of money in the pantry room. The reason for this is some board and table games, television, and couches, etc. in this room shall enhance staff’s productivities and effectiveness to their jobs.

Incorporation of a pantry room into open balcony
This incorporation can bring to the employees an effective break. Or, if it cannot be made a beautiful balcony, it should be considered about large glass windows to let the staff experience outside scenery. This might bring the same effects as outdoor pantry rooms.

Have you found for yourself a favorite style of office pantry yet? If you have not, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are willing to help you.

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