Things to consider for your bathroom

As a part of a home, bathroom is also a room requires your research and consideration. In a design project, you may get lost because there are many aspects to deal with. Yet, when you read over the following tricks, you will know more about what you need for your bathroom.

1. Budget

Budget is the most significant aspect for any project. To start a bathroom design, you have to take time to determine how much money you can spend based on the size of the space, and the quality of material to be used. “Money is a tool. Use properly, it makes something beautiful. Use wrong, it makes a mess!” Thus, be careful and smart in choosing what you think necessary.

2. Plumbing

Hair, soap scum and other debris are things that cause clogging. So, you should consider how large of a pipe drain you want to use. 40mm pipe drain is typical in residential bathroom. A larger drain may be expensive, but the larger drain, the less clogging it will be. Also, it helps save money on maintaining in the long run.

3. Lighting

Lighting system in bathroom is foremost. To make grooming and makeup easier, you can choose softer lighting such as daylight fluorescent, LED and halogen. Additionally, you can consider installing a dimmer to switch between task and ambience lighting to adjust the mood in this room.

4. Slip-resistant flooring

The bathroom is always wet. Hence, it is crucial to choose slip-resistant flooring to avoid falling. There are several beautiful and inexpensive flooring options to fit any design, such as natural stone, bamboo, etc. For referring more materials, please click here.

5. Storage

Storage in the bathroom is necessary to keep your counter space clean and clear. Since drawers and cabinet will be used daily, it is advisable to opt for high quality material. It is possible to prevent warp from humid, moist in bathroom environment, and maximize the lifespan of these features. Moreover, to save space as well as create an accent, you can install a recessed medicine cabinet. However, you need to plan in advance to configure your pipe in this area.

Because of its daily use, bathroom deserves investment in time as much as any other room to make it function properly. Hope that this article gives you some ideas for your bathroom design project.

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