Fall in love with combined kitchen dining rooms!


Most families around the world traditionally separate kitchens and dining rooms. However, for many of us living in smaller homes, this is hard to do. Fear not, for combined kitchen & dining rooms will save the day!

1. A kitchen-dining room in neo-classical style


A dining room in front of a kitchen without being separated by walls will make it more spacious and airier. You can consider to use deep-toned furniture contrasted with white walls to bring about a casual and modern vibe.

2. A creation with pendant lights

Walls are old-school. Why not separate your kitchen and dining room by pendant lights? Using pendant lights not only helps to save space, but also brighten up the space and gives a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Tables keep spaces open!

Still want to separate both areas, but keeping the kitchen open and spacious? A dining table will do it. You could place the table against the wall, to make your table a peninsula bar which is suitable for family or friend get-togethers.

4. Dining table in the kitchen

Have a spacious kitchen and dining area? Great. U-shaped cabinets and wall-mounted furniture can help to ensure sufficient movement space so you can still open and close cabinets with ease.

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