05 tips to light your home


Not only can a perfect design, the most suitable furniture, but also lighting interior system bring a cozy and welcoming zone to your sweet home. Do you want to know more about how to make an appropriate light arrangement? If yes, you can take a look at these 05 tips as below.
1. Have a lighting plan
A lighting plan is essential when you want to decorate your sweet home. At first, you should think about room functions. Then, you can consider style, scale, colors and temperature of lights. The more details the plan have, the easier it will be to make decisions.
2. Determine room functions

You can choose proper lighting options based on room functions. For example, pedant lights in combined kitchen-dining room will function as a task light. It will help save, brighten up the space and give a relaxing ambient. Or, overhead lighting in living room may be a good choice for watching TV; and a freestanding lamp must create a better place for reading books. Please click here; if you need to know more about what kind of lighting suits your place.
3. Choose the proper bulb
Choosing the proper bulb for the space is as important as choosing the right lighting. It is advisable to consider how bright your space need to be; what atmosphere you want to have. If your wall color is cool tone like shades of of green, blue and purple, you can opt for halogen, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs to cast a warmer glow.
4. Be creative

Lights also are decorative elements other than lighting purposes. Instead of using wall art, it is able to use some fixtures like chandeliers, lamps or sconces. With a chandelier, you will have a great focal point for the living space. Also, a floor lamp or a sconce should be better for a smaller space.
5. “Less is more”
“Less is more” is a backbone principal of design. You have to keep consistency in theme, colors, material finishes, especially lighting systems. Too many interior styles in a place will cause eye discomfort and confusion. Thus, you may choose lighter tones to diffuse light in a wider circle and make the room bigger. In contrast, darker hues will give a touch of luxury and warmth for the place.
In fact, lighting system has a huge impact on interior design. That’s why you should always take a careful consideration and planning. To save time and get the best design solution for your place, you can find and talk to us!

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