Trends in hotel interior design

Hospitality, one of industries has to acknowledge and adapt rapidly and cleverly social changes with creative solutions. No matter how the industry has changed, its final purpose is to give high quality accommodation and guest experience. There are some trends in interior design to help the purpose happen.

1. Multi-function lobby

The hotel lobby is where definitely gets the first impression of guests. In this space, areas like front desk, waiting area and bell hop stand must be accessible and large enough, so that guests can feel comfortable as well as safe while gathering and waiting for their turn. Furthermore, for those who are on business trip, the lobby should have both intimate and social zones, lounges with multiple sockets, and furniture delivering comfort and functionality.

2. Functional hotel rooms

A functional hotel room is not only a place to rest, but also a mini living space. A working desk, a pair of armchairs, a coffee table, or TV panels with a king-sized bed make a great living moment for guest while travelling or on business trip. Also, use decorations with neutral colors and oversized and soft pillows can bring the same effect.

3. Spa-bathroom features

Today, a bathroom is not an auxiliary room any more. Instead, this room is becoming another relaxation area for travelers. Hence, one of popular trends in hotel interior design is en-suite bedrooms with spa-like features such as waterfall shower, oversized bathtub, his & her sinks, giant towel or beauty items.

4. Memorable restaurants

Turn the restaurant into a memorable space is what owners are aiming for. To materialize this idea, some restaurants have been designed as an exhibition space, where guests can enjoy performance art of cooking, or a place to start a day, and catch up with friends and family. A professional designer will offer many ways to create the memorable space as the owner’s desire. However, the owners must choose the ideas that comply with the overall concept and aesthetics of the hotel.

Hotel interior design is vital to attract and retain guests. Hope this article is helpful for you to know more about the trends in hospitality industry and make a right decision. If you are having a plan to innovate or remodel your hotel and need professional recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us!

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