Client: An Gia

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Completion Date: 2020

The Address appears as an extraordinary design that is filled with the breath of classiness and luxury revealing through a subtle combination of furniture and interior.

Furniture, created with a unique style and rationally made of different kinds of material, is utilized to highlight the stylish and sophisticated atmosphere which initially draws observers’ attention. This way of arrangement is displayed in the hall entrance where gets equipped with various eye-catching furniture such as high wooden shelves, chairs, and tables that are remarkably made with metallic details. They all together make an elegant and modern look for the whole office; besides, ensure both practical and aesthetic aspects of the design.

Another notable feature of this architecture that must be mentioned is the utilization of lighting systems and natural light. Cleverly hiding under decorative patterns on the ceiling, the lighting system not only serves its original function but also helps to show the delicateness of the design. Also, to provide inner space with extra brightness, glass is used as transparent partitions between outside and inside, which makes a fascinating connection to the outer space as well as allows natural light to fill in every corner of the office.

Case Study