Client: Stavian

Location: Ha Noi

Completion Date: 2021

The design of this 2,000 sqm office emanated from an ultimate concept that offer a youthfully fresh and flexible approach to working and collaborating.

Inspirational and meaningful quotes that maximize innovation and productivity give every wall a whole new life as well as marvellously energize every staff. Except for dedicated meeting rooms and other functional ones, hardly any partition wall is present, which sticks together multiple individuals of a multi-sector company. Open spaces are smartly planned for more spontaneous collaboration.

Harmonizing with the modernity of gray, the greenery of the brand’s color is predominantly repeated throughout the office. Under this extensive utilization, the nerves can be perfectly eased and refreshed. Furthermore, diverse plants are put in various corners, fulfilling our innate desire to connect with the nature and evoking the reminder of the brand’s mission to protect the environment.

Case Study