Client: Prudential

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Completion Date: 2022

Maximum flexibility and complete autonomy in work are key elements in this human-oriented renovated project for Prudential office as it made full use of the philosophy of a new design style – AGILE office. With the AGILE mindset, workers are encouraged to physically choose whatever setting best suits the activity they’re doing at any given time rather than assigned positions, which helps connecting processes, people and technology in order to create a dynamic workforce. Open spaces are strategically widened with rare partition walls, creating the easiest way to accommodate every staff to the working area they need the most.

To further fulfill Prudential’s intention to focus on their staff’s wellbeing, PiQuantum prioritizes the use of healthful ergonomic office equipments and furniture so that they can adjust their desks and chairs to suit their best postures, making sure their comfort levels are maxed out and their productivity is boosted up. Many recumbent bikes are put in many corners for exercising once they are tired of sitting in one place to work. Soft seating areas are planned for informal meetings, collaborative discussions, or just for taking breaks.

Neutral colors like black, grey and white are mainly used to create an atmosphere of security, reliability, modesty and maturity of a global life insurance company. But it doesn’t look boring at all thanks to the very interesting combination with other pastel colors like yellow, pink and mint, creating this office unique vibe from every corner of working areas to the triangle-shaped pantry.

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