Scope of Work: Design & Build

Client: FPT

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Completion Date: 2022

Employees spent more than half of their day at the office. You could say that it is the second home of every employee. Gone are the days of boring office interiors with white walls & standard furniture. But these days’ office spaces are well ergonomically designed with better furnishings and decor. FRT is one of the best office interior designers of Us with highly qualified and talented designers. From planning the basic layout and spaces to suggesting the most adaptable furniture that suits the space, we shine in delivering complete solutions with regard to office interior designing. Our focus is on creating a suitable ambiance for employees to work throughout the day.

Our designers aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of design. Their creative schemes focus on inspiring and motivating both customers and employees through creative office interior design solutions that accentuate your brand and enhance the features within your interior.

Our approach to office interior design involves the optimisation of available space to maximize its function and unleash its potential, helping to future-proof your space and business by offering flexible and innovative design solutions to your office space, ensuring it fulfills the needs of your business. 

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