Client: An Gia

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Completion Date: 2020

Modernity and elegance are the most appropriate terms that should be used to describe The Address’s design.

The first and foremost impression of this office that must be mentioned is the delicate hue that covers the entire space. Neutral colors are used in embellishment to create a sense of elegance and classiness, which is revealed through furniture. The flow of delicate vibe spreads over the office thanks to the ivory floor, beige walls, and the arrangement of light grey armchairs and tables or black velvet sofa in the hall entrance. Besides, the stylish and minimalist design from furniture makes a great contribution to express the modernity of the whole architecture.

While fulfilling the aesthetic need, The Address’s design yields to the practical demand as well. The interiors are utilized to not only serve decorative purposes but also maximize their function. The lighting system is adroitly hidden behind the ornamental patterns on the ceiling, making a unique embellishment for the office. In addition to that, there is the efficient usage of glass to function as partitions dividing space into smaller divisions such as meeting rooms, which ensures the need for connection and creates a welcoming and bright working environment.

Case Study