Client: Dreamplex

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Completion Date: 2021

The new Ham Nghi Office designed by PiQuantum is supposed to be the perfect place for every kind of company that wants the best of a private office with the hospitality of a coworking space.
In order to create an aspirational office of flexibility, engagement, and hospitality, PiQuantum gave an effective layout that is not only to enhance the spatial experience in which it can be fully utilized to serve its purpose, but also to increase employee productivity.
As a shared working environment, it is important to maintain a rather subtle & minimal design approach in order to create a harmonized environment within the interior space. Therefore, the selection of material proportion and how they are being implemented is vital to sustain the above-mentioned design approach. As such, we identify these core elements of material finishes in this concept in order to achieve the above objective: CEMENT TEXTURING – WHITE / BEIGE SURFACING – WOOD FINISHING – BLACK METAL. These core material finishes will form the foundation of the overall visual presentation of the entire space. Combination with random greeneries and mixture of accent colour furniture & loose fixtures, the resulting atmosphere shall create a semi-monochromatic and yet a subtle touch of vibrant interior that breathes life and vitality into the space.

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