Client: AIA Viet Nam

Location: Royal A Tower

Completion Date: 2021

Designed synchronously with the AIA Exchange office, The Tribes Office Renovation creates a modern, luxurious feeling with an open, friendly, and multifunctional space. With the concept of “Tribe”, PiQuantum Design used most of the wood material throughout the office space, emphasizing Vietnamese rattan and bamboo details. The “Renovation” factor is shown through each shelf frame with a unique design, combined with modern European-style furniture.

The waiting room was treated as an important area for informal work and the exchange of information. The open workspaces use glass partitions between rooms in order to create a connection. The working room combined with plenty of natural daylight and an organic floor plan makes this place unique.

In addition, the 2.190m2 office is optimized to enhance the customer experience and provide an efficient workspace for employees. Plants are placed in every corner to help relieve stress and bring a pleasant atmosphere to a long working day.

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