Scope of Work: Design & Build

Client: Friedrich Weiss

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Completion Date: 2022

Bringing the best of both worlds together, this is a combination of classic Eastern Asia and the modern West in just one living zone. The distinctive elements of East Asian arts are integrated into the decorative patterns of bathroom utilities, decorative ornaments, and paintings. These also present in the sliding doors, the folding screens separating areas in the house, and also in the warmthness of lighting and color choice.

The choice of materials sees a fusion of east and west, historic and modern through a combination of wood, marble, and golden metal. The main hall of the house consists of the lobby living room, dining room, and the kitchen, which are lighted up with lights thanks to the modern broad windows, the chandeliers, and the high ceiling.

At the same time, they are put together with Asian sliding doors and folding screens, which are somewhat modernized with clean single line ornaments and see-through design. A combination of straight lines and curves in furniture designs and decorations adds into the cultural integrating theme a sense of simplicity of modern style. The neutrals are chosen to be the canvas for muted pop of warm colors, as the simplicity of modern helps the elder historicals to shine.

Case Study