Client: Sơn Kim Land

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Completion Date: 2016

A giant greenhouse household and a green oasis right in the center of a metropolitan area: it is an interesting idea to living in such a different and modern household that still harmoniously cooperate with nature. “Modern does not have to be industrial”. This is the first to pop up within the mind, looking at this piece of art. It is exactly everything to look for in a modern design of household: the minimalist look, the neutral scheme with pops of colors and impressive modern pieces of decorations. All of these are tied together with the help of a powerful natural light source. Thanks to the design of a glass box, every room, therefore, through at least one glass wall, can receive a good amount of natural light.

This is supported by the oasis kind of design, in which very every face is exposed to the view of nature. For all of that, without bringing or incorporating many cuts of green into the indoor space, it is still possible to enjoy the feel of natural surroundings. As the focus is on the view itself, the indoor spaces are kept as clean as possible with the use of mainly just white, black, and neutral wood colors. Marbles and other subtle patterned wood are also used to create some emphasis inside, but overall, the massive amount of white spaces are used to intensify the natural light and support the enjoyment of the outside view.

Case Study