Client: Vinh Nha Trang Investment Group

Location: Nha Trang

Completion Date: 2019

Every step makes a sound; and where every breath will sing in this beautiful scene. Rhythm, melody, and sound are visualized and integrated into every piece and every corner of these rooms. Everything from the counter, the chandeliers, to the window curtains are designed and installed with an incredible sense of rhythm and movement, which make every place the eyes lay on eco a kind of music. The presence of music is everywhere, in the use of instruments, in art pieces inspired by musical instruments, and in the wavy patterns suggesting a youthfully alive melody jumping out of their shapes of moving music staves.

The wavy layers of the ceiling also act as a connection, linking all the pieces together. Yet, that is not all of their potentials, as lights are glowingly distributed thanks to their shapes and patterns. Thus, together with the help of chandeliers, reflective materials, and the randomness of installations, lighting becomes alive in its rhythm and flow, covering over the place. Art pieces and furniture are huge components of the design, as they add to the place the final touches of modern spirits with simple, yet unconventional shapes and their cleaning, but bold cutouts. On top of everything is the final touch of the classic warm lighting, which makes this a modern visualization of a classical masterpiece.

Case Study