Client: Trung Thuy Group

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Completion Date: 2018

The wildest dream comes true.”Lusty” and “Lavish” are definitely among the bests to say about this project. Within a sophisticating modern look, here comes a sense of wilderness wandering around the place: through the impressive pieces of photography, through the use of colors, shapes, patterns texture, and lightings. These designs are overall put together on a color scheme of mostly just neutral dark browns and deep emerald green, which, besides creating a clean and elegant look, also eco an image of a dark wild jungle night. In addition to that, all the materials are chosen to be matte and most of them are designs with wooden patterns.

The lightings here are used in such a careful and scarce way, which creates glowing effects as if lights are flowing through layers of trees. On top of that, golden and reflective features are glittered in precious small details to add some warmth and help to distribute lights. It will be a huge miss to ignore the use of photography as a green add-in, as they are the specialty of this piece. Most of these pieces, if not all, are pretty dark, have strong shadings and appear to be bold, yet still sophisticated. Many of them are of animals, which have a magnificent feel of urges for connection and communication. This whole living zone is just like the wildest insides of each human.

Case Study