Client: Trung Thuy Group

Location: Ha Noi

Completion Date: 2018

This project features a playfulness of lighting both from natural light and the installations artificial lights. The broad view windows in the showroom allow the natural light to slip in a play its role in the design. The installation of artificial lights also plays a crucial role in its warm and glowing effects. What puts everything together is the use of reflective materials like golden metals (slat golden curtains, golden covers for the columns and the edges of the tray ceiling), marble, and satin. It helps eco the lights around with a certain amount of randomness, which brings rhythm and playfulness to space.

These elements and the reasonable use with darker pieces, green spaces, and non-reflective materials such as wood and velvet have balanced out the design. Those darker elements also play the role of empathy and focused points, which also helps create an elegant atmosphere. The walls of fragment wood pieces lead the eyes through its illusion of movement, and they link the dark and bright elements together by letting growing lights flowing through its gaps. All the components of these projects together are a good balance of luminous playful lights on a dark elegant background.

Case Study