Client: Cicilia

Location: Nha Trang

Completion Date: 2016

An oriental Champa royal experience: the designs bring to life again the visual of a historic empire, once existed at the place. The curves, the detailed patterns of decoration, the use of neutrals, gold, and warm colors are harmoniously put together in a somewhat modernized form. Modern Western pieces of furniture are added to create the whole picture of a combination between East and West. They are chosen to be in simple shapes and neutral colors to work well with an incredible amount of details in Champa’s oriental art.

Windows in the shape of the coved and pointed top are often used to simulate the traditional ceiling in the Champa’s culture. Other sun and flower-inspired repeated patterns are also special notes to recall the historic art. Gold is another significant element to complete the style. It is used as pieces of decoration, ornamentations, and sometimes are found in the chandeliers and lamps. On top of all, the warm lighting is what connects the whole look. Instead of the common layout for a glowing and illuminating look, the lighting here is strong, warm, and concentrated light sources, placed separately, suggesting an association with the intense natural light here, in Nha Trang.

Case Study